Entrepreneur - Damon Dash.

I read countless profiles of entrepreneurs I admired and they all inspired me in different ways. I will be profiling several of my favorites in my blog to introduce to my readers and to keep myself inpired and motivated. The first is Damon Dash.

Damon Dash. He started Roc a fella Records back in 1995 with partner Jay-Z and their empire now incorporates

  • A sports management company
  • A film and Publishing company
  • A non-profit community program called Team Roc
  • A urban fashion company Roc-a-wear
  • A Vodka distribution bussiness
  • A jewelry line that distributes the Tiret watches
  • A cigar line
  • A sports and boxing promotion company
  • And he has acquired the licensing to sneaker line Pro Keds.

As of late 2004 and early 2005, he and partner Jay-Z have split and gone on to successful business ventures of their own. Here is a great article on more of this great businessman.



Andy G. Rodie


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