Great interview with Jordon Zimmerman on VVH-TV

A great interview with entrepreneur Jordon Zimmerman, followed by an article on success tips written by staff writer Bibin Mannattuparampil of THE CURRENT, Nova Southeastern University.

Future Huizenga School Entrepreneur Hall of Fame inductee, Jordan Zimmerman, spoke to NSU staff and students about the hardships of his success on Jan. 6 at the Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship.
Zimmerman founded Zimmerman Advertising, which has grown into the fifteenth-largest advertising firm in the nation, with over 1,000 associates and 22 offices since 1984, when it was first established. During his time at NSU, Zimmerman discussed the obstacles he had to overcome to reach where he is today.
Zimmerman worked all of his life. At the age of eight, he created a greeting card distribution business and sold his enterprise two years later. When Zimmerman was ten years old, he lied about his age to become a paperboy. The required age was twelve. It was during his employment with the newspaper that he realized he had a passion and drive for advertising. Zimmerman attended school at the University of South Florida and created the well-known National Institute on Drug Abuse campaign, "Just Say No."
Zimmerman couldn't be stopped, or so he thought. After graduating from USF, he traveled up to New York in search of a job. Zimmerman set up ten interviews and made no progress. "I went zero for ten," he said. "I realized [they] couldn't all be wrong."
Failing to get hired helped Zimmerman recognize the importance of an MBA, so he went back to USF to continue his education. Upon graduating, Zimmerman decided to create his own company and Zimmerman Advertising was founded.
Zimmerman lectured to the audience about his "Eight Steps To Insane Commitment," an entertaining, yet motivating slide show on what has made him a success in the business world.
1. "There's no room for mediocrity." Ok doesn't cut it. Being the best is what it's about.
2. "There lies a thin line between brilliance and true insanity." Zimmerman referenced Einstein and other brilliant minds who many had thought were insane at one point.
3. "Fear nothing."
4. "Don't let anyone take you off of your game." If one is passionate about something, then nothing should get in his/her way.
5. "Sweat the small stuff." The little things oftentimes play a big part in consumer satisfaction.
6. "The bottom line never lies." The bottom line is everything, and in business one month is a year.
7. "Thrive or die." According to Zimmerman, there is no win or lose, there is only win.
8. "Knocked down ten times, get up the eleventh." Zimmerman was turned down in ten job interviews, yet that didn't stop him from reaching his goals.

Zimmerman concluded his lecture by explaining the importance of building a business that balances one's life, and added in closing, "Sleep when you die



Andy Rodie

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