Sakiya Sandifer and Ronn Torrossian interview.

In the BMT series, the objective is to have a conversation based around the same 3 questions with various people who are successful in their field. The goal is to reveal that behind every success...there is a business mind thinking!

BMT Episode 2 features the very successful and equally blunt Ronn Torossian, Founder/CEO of 5W Public Relations. 5W Public Relations is a full-service public relations firm maintaining practice areas in consumer, technology, health and wellness, entertainment, lifestyle, fashion, and corporate communications. 5WPR's energetic, fast-paced, and focused culture earned the firm a spot on the INC. 500 list in 2007 and the title of "fastest-growing agency" three years in a row.

Brace yourself to hear an exchange of ideas that's never presented on a typical network or cable business show. If you ever longed to hear a very honest and mostly unedited perspective on how the mind of a successful entrepreneur really thinks, this episode is tailored made for you!!!

BMT Episode 2: Sakiya and Ronn Torossian from we think! on Vimeo.


Andy Rodie

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Anonymous said...

Ronn Torossian is someone I look up to. Smart well spoken and always ambitious. I respect Ronn and his firm 5WPR for what they accomplish.